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Heathcote is one of the most shit overrated dumb broke ass schools you can find in ur life. 🥵

with nasty uniforms approved by dumb ass sagging tit teachers who care more about ur nails coat and jewellery than ur education (what more could you ask for in a school) and don’t forget how the ceilings fall down day after day 😌
Student 1: what you doing today

Student 2: going to our shit hole of a school heathcote what else

Student 1:ha I’m staying home today

Student 2: you lucky bitch
by ?sup¿ April 24, 2019
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The dero Capital of perth.

where every piece of shit lowlife drop out loser dumbfuck tryhard wigger lost cunt from perth hangs at nite(mainly thursday, saturday, friday)
the typical dero is usually seen wearin their hat to the back of their head so even a slight breeeze will knock it off and a back pack full of goon

usual events at heathcote include:
shit underage "parties"
bashing up ppl (mainly families)
eating maccas
bottling the ground
talkn typical dero shit
getting dizzy having a sip of goon

go back to school u lost cunts
heathcote is a playground

dero cunt1: ay man u noe i was drinkin goon at heathcote n then this cop came up to me n i was like fuk yall dawgs

dero cunt 2: wow bro ur tough ai, u wanna go get sum maccas

dero cunt1: fuk yer man n then later we can pick up sum chicks coz im i hell playa coz i dropped out of skool no wat im sayn?
by heathcote is a playground March 10, 2008
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