The act of flashing or showing off the goods. The art of the scap requires removing clothes in a provocative manner for a person or thing.

Scapping is associated with the famous Canadian Twitch music streamer, KellyGates47. The act of scapping someone has an associated success rate given. It is often perceived as a compliment by the recipient, and high success rates are regarded with respect and awe.

Scapping is triggered by the command !scaps <username>.

Recognition is given out on a monthly basis for scappers with the most 100% or 0% scaps.
"Dude! Did you see SkittleFarts91 scapped lego_52?"

"Yeah, man. That 100% was pretty awesome. I wish moonjellypower would scap me with her baked goods."
by Drillmaster07 November 07, 2021
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scap, scap-ing, scap-ped.

n. 1. Word of indignation or exclamation.

n. 2. Synonym to rubbish or whack.

v. 1. To dismiss or reject.
v. 2. A potential curse word.

adj. To magnify or intensify a sentiment

scap-less: Synonym of gutless
scap-tastic: Awesomeness beyond human, non-human and alien comprehension
scap-per: 1. An incredibly wondrous person. 2. A complete waste of life. (Note: Use this word with complete discretion according to the situation in context)
n. 1: "What the scap!"
n. 2: "That's scap, yo."

v. 1: "Scap it."
v. 2: "Scap off!"

adj. "That is so scaping (scapin') awesome"
by Ubiquitously awesome April 27, 2011
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A person with whom one feigns friendship with for the sole purpose of using them as a middle man to find drugs, and then ditched after the drugs are consumed. Just like a syringe cap, they are what you throw away when you're done getting high.
Naw man, he ain't really the homie, he's just a scap.
by DicPic Champion November 01, 2018
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Just a person that is messed up or annoying like a sibling or society itself.
Definition in sentences hood rats used to use: "Aye we finna beat this scap dude up."

Definition used in sentences in 2019 and so on: "Aye man, this dude is the scappest person I ever known, he beat up his best friend just because he took his penny down the street, he scap bruh."
by Billy's Best Buddy March 17, 2019
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Can be used as either a verb (to scap) or as a noun (a scap). The action of taking or asking for things without reciprocating or payment, or a person who does so.
Hank always asks for gum and never gives me any, he is such a scap.

No you may not scap beer off of me again Erica, buy your own.
by Carolyn K November 05, 2005
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to obtain possession of rapidly, as in by grabbing or snatching
Kristin decided to scap up the last of the pizza while Tom wasn't looking.
by Tom June 24, 2004
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Nautical term for someone who doesn't pull his wait.
I'm gonna beat him when we get back to the hold, because he's the worst scap I know.
by CadetMKultra February 11, 2004
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