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Gambling sites/services that are either a scam, or you are guaranteed to lose money. Rigged slot-machines, "free" money to bet with, having to deposit money to withdraw any winning from said "free" money, CS:GO skin sites, etc...
"Don't go to Vegas, it's such a scamble"

"You're using the slot-machines at the carnival? What a scamble."

Person A: "I'm going to convert all my money into BitCoin!"
Person B: "Dude, that's such a scamble."

"Man, CSGO Lotto is such a scambling site."
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by bubblemongoose July 29, 2017
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1. to pick up overtime on later shift in hopes of getting junior manned into an earlier shift at double time rate, also resulting in a quick turn and pay protection for the later overtime shift.
Chris' coworkers were impressed with his efforts to scamble in order to get maximize his paycheck and time off.
by flyboy918 December 20, 2014
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