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A shorter way of saying Cafe SCAD, a cafeteria filled with sassy black cooks and pasta that would make babies cry.
I think I got food poisoning from Scafe.
by Felix johnson November 14, 2006
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The act of smoking bowls of marijuana with a bong. Can be employed as a noun, adjective or a verb.
Noun: "I was hittin' a scafe while that rusty dragon gave me a handy... Thought maybe the weed would turn her into a dime."

Adjective: "She was so scafed that we couldn't even have a coherent conversation..."

Verb: "So I'm scafing and then all of a sudden, I started defecating uncontrollably!"

Titles: "Scafemonkey," "Sir Scaginfton," "Scafeboy," Scafemaster," King Scafe," "Scafe Protege," etc.
by Scafelord December 03, 2010
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Meaning 'everything is alright', sorted, all is well. A variation on the theme of 'safe', originating in East-Side Malpas, Da Port
'Scafe Clart'

'That draw's pretty scafe spa'
by God May 12, 2003
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Verb: To steal, or to take without asking permission.

Noun: A person who steals or takes things without permission.
Verb: "I think Josh scafed my i-ipod.."

" I scafed a copy of the test with the answers.."

Noun: "Josh, you're a scafe, give me back my i-pod!"
by CMI October 17, 2007
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Variation of a word African in origin. Synonymous with the verb 'smoke' and can apply to cigarettes, joints, bowls, bongs, and car racing.
Let me scafe some of that chronic bud!
by Mike251 September 21, 2006
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when your legs chafe together to produce a scab-like chafe. it is very uncomfortable and sometimes occurs on the beach when water or sand goes on the part where your legs rub. some other occurrences are in the summer when wearing shorts, a dress, a skirt and you get sweaty and your legs rub. it's usually for fat people, but average people get it too.
michelle: yo kait, are you chafing?
kait: you have no clue man, its turning into a scafe!
by vagpower123 February 04, 2010
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