A guy that's classy/smooth that dresses well , looks after himself and is generally a chilled person
Oh my word ! This guy is such a sax
by Keiks ma Keiks May 16, 2015
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If a girl or boy is sexy, but you're too much of a fuckboy to give them a real compliment.
You: Sax.
Her: Thx... I guess?
by Biji Biji Words June 7, 2015
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a word synonymous with sacks and having balls commonly used to refer to females who carry large sacks
Hey Sax," they yelled to, "Julie, you walk like a man.
by kjallstar90 August 17, 2010
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A more respectful way of saying the word "Sex!"
by aplitistm March 1, 2019
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Favourite curse used by hackers. It is used similarly to word 'Fuck'. It can be anything from crashed program, through run away bus to earthquake mixed with tsunami, ion storm, hurricane and meteor impact.
Sax! Not this again!
You know that program you gave me? It's sax, it crashes all the time
by Wired Up Bob March 29, 2011
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Chicago's American League team more formally known as the Chicago White Sox. The 'Sax' play in Sax Perk, more formally known as US Cellular Field.
Dese guys had two, t'ree beers while watchin' da Sax.
by grotos 27 May 27, 2005
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