The click: Oh yeah uh I love having all the saxes with all the gender
Blair (The iilluminaughtii): Oh mhm... saxing
The click: yep sax
by BeesOwO January 18, 2020
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An abbreviation for the word "Saxophone". The Sax is in the woodwind class of wind instruments and completely owns all the other woodwinds.
Q)Hey, what instrument is better than all the woodwinds?
A) The sax, of course!
by Jammerman August 09, 2005
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Being such a mac that you can pull any chic even if you ugly. Gabriel Pikus is also a sax
WOW, he must be a KES boy...He's such A SAX
by GPAC88 May 17, 2011
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A Sax is a person who can get all the girls and or is just straight up Vibing
Jimmy:hey look at that guy he striaght up vibing with those girls there
Billy bob:Yeah didnt he a sax

Example 2:
Bob th builder:thanks dude for not telling my secret, you a sax
by ToxicTenrecUpYourAss December 28, 2019
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When your'e such a man that Uu can Mac' any chick Uu want no matter how hot she is
Marco pittich is such a sax !!! He must be a Jeppe Boy
by big daddy D-dog August 19, 2011
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the cooler alternative for the word sex.
those chax are sax!

did u sax her last night?
by tony tran June 17, 2007
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