Gift from heaven a angel hand crafted by God. Graceful beautiful intelligent. Extreme warning dont trifle with this girls feelings although she looks like a beautiful field of roses cross her and she can become a venomous snake. Full of loyalty shes every mans dream wife she is perfection in its purists form if your lucky to have a savoy just know heaven has smiled on you. # keep her happy and you will be happy. # Savoy is #1!
Savoy is so beautiful.
by Ms.Valuable January 5, 2017
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watch out this lightskin nigga is gonna steal your girl and any female around
yo hide your girl Savoy is coming!
by 🥷🏿 November 2, 2022
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A cheap as fuck nightclub in Glasgow which has pure class bouncer nd sexy bartenders for the boys to flirt wae
Savoy Sundays are the cheapest in town
by SCR380017 October 15, 2021
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Any person who has the unmistakeable qualities, such as cuteness and openess, of a puppy.
That girl on the third floor bounces around trying to make everyone happy. She's a total Savoie.
by Cheesewheel November 14, 2006
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When a person has a very large penis thrusted into the womans vagina, in the 'Doggy-Style' formation, until the point of bleeding, while also fingering the anal hole. Causes a quick and massive 10 - 15 minute orgasm for the woman.
Man I pulled the savoy on that chick at the party on rick's bed and now he has to throw his sheet's out!
by Ben Harper April 13, 2005
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a fairly slutty woman who often is too skinny and enjoys being with men of a different race. a savoy often is crude and inappropriate and also lacks morals, a conscience, and a social filter.
"I heard that girl sleeps with a lot of football players"

"Yeah, she's a total savoy"
by bezzy123 February 3, 2012
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