Savanna's are usually super short!! There curls are literally perfect(WEAR YOUR HAIR UP) Also, there curls look like ramen noodles lol uwu:)πŸ˜‚ NEVER underestimate them, they will prove you wrong, always want the last word!! Either wears glasses or contacts. Savanna's are funny,educated (good grades) and adorable hehe (don't tell her i said that)....
"Is that savanna?" "Yup, oh god shes gonna tag me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©"
by Oof..67 April 12, 2019
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A Savanna, also known as a 'Vanna', is an insanely beautiful girl with long brown wavy hair & blue/green eyes. They are peace makers and tend to calm you down. They are even mistaken for hippies or thong pirates at times. Though they are known to go after assholes, they always end up with amazing guys in the end. Tend to be best friends with "Caitlin's" or "Kayla's".
"Caitie : Vanna I'm gonna go knock a bitch out!"

"Savanna : No Caitie, you'll get arrested. How about you lay off the sugar & then I'll walk you home."

"Caitie : Okay..."
by ChemicalCoffee September 15, 2011
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the best person in the entire universe that will one day rule the earth.
the savanna has all the powers of chuck norris, and more.
she is one kick ass son of a bitch
Man Savanna, you're beautifullness is hurting my eyez
by SomeKiddddd April 07, 2008
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A strong and independent woman. Will out bitch anyone with in reason and will lay you flat just like that. When you find a savanna be sure to never let you go she's the best person you will ever meet 100%.
"I saw savanna today"
by Babyowl_2000 June 17, 2017
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Shes a great freind pushes you to make you stronger also is super good looking

Has a bunch of guys always around her

And is always positive
Jane : thx girl

Savanna: no prob
Jake: i wish she was my girlfriend
by That dang hottie August 16, 2018
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Savannas are usually green or blued eye girls with brunette hair. They're the most loyal girls with good hearts, they give to many chances but once they're done they're done. They always keep a smile on their family and friends faces even when they're breaking inside. They've been through a lot but Savanna's are the toughest girls you'll ever meet. They're always needy for attention and love from their significant other, they're great in bed and most Savanna's are kinky with someone they're comfortable with. They're usually calm but once you push a Savanna to her limit you better run. Overall Savanna's are great girls and if you ever have a Savanna in your life don't let them go
Person 1: I wish she would give me a chance
Person 2: who
Person 1: Savanna

Person 2: you would be so lucky dude
by Thegreeneyedfreckledfuck September 04, 2017
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