the fuckin hottest girl i have ever seen. she is so pretty and she means the world to me. i love her.
last night savanna banged me and it felt damn good.
by jsnfksdj April 17, 2007
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Savanna is someone who is BY FAR the nicest girl in the world. She will always be able to make you smile, and every guy in the world should like her for her dark hair, brown eyes, and amazing dance moves. She is the perfect height for anybody because she is just the right amount of short. Everybody should love Savanna for her charming personality and generous attitude. She also tends to be best friends with a girl named Skylar who goes by Sky.
Sky: "You are the best friend in the entire world. I could never ask for someone better."
Savanna: "Thank you, but it really isn't nice to lie to people like that."
Sky: "Whatever. You're awesome. "
by me, duh! January 29, 2016
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Savanna is a girl with blonde hair and green eyes who feels she is not complete in a lot of ways bu she is a beautiful, crazy otaku. She often is sassy but quiet making smart comments if you are lucky to hear they are hilarious. She is into the Korean and the Japanese culture. She is such a history nerd and if you need an answer in class she's your girl. She often judges herself and tries to be as selfless as ever. She loves to bake and read so always get her when you can before she runs away.
Boy: That girl is insane!
Girl: That's Savanna for you!
by Biatchdearie February 23, 2018
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nice kind and lonely hurt but hides it well single ugly not a whore.
oh that's just savanna
by summersmith May 16, 2018
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Normally a very attractive blonde. Known for being extremely sweet and charming. She can put a smile on anyone's face and people are always excited to see her. These girls are one in a million and any guy that can take her heart is a very lucky one. Downside is that they are normally taken.
by Kjk5 April 12, 2017
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a flat, treeless plain

but also known as the greatest girl ever
many animals live in african savanna.

savanna is a very cool girl who considers herself to be an artist... but she needs work :)
by Vanns August 24, 2006
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Savanna is a pretty girl with bubbly and blonde personality. She never fails to brighten up the room. But if this is the Savanna you know then your only scraping the surface. She is really smart and has an amazing personality. She is one person with many talents. She can master anything she picks up, so you have to be careful not to give her your hobbies. She may be secretive about her life sometimes, but she never fails to be an amazing and devoted friend who always has your back. You couldn't ask for a better friend. If you have a savanna in your life don't ever let her go because you'll never find one like her.
Friend: what are you laughing about???
Savanna: i don't know
by Savvy andy October 24, 2018
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