Savannas are tall blonde girls with blue green eyes. Are very stubborn and when they want something they don’t say it they let you figure out on your own. They are very secretive and always play with their hair. If you ever find a savanna you should never do her dirty or there will be Consequences which is basically getting on her bad side but if she loves you enough you guys can still be friends.
Person 1: There’s Savanna she is to tall and is so stubborn

Person 2: What are you talking about she’s so nice and funny.

Person 1: Until you break up with her.
by shut up please 12345 June 11, 2019
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One of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet. Usually into horoscopes. Either a volleyball or softball player. Maybe a soccer player. Never that tall. Giver the best advice ever. Always wants to be there for people and never herself. Most selfless person you will ever meet. Most guys obsess over her but she knows the one right for her. Oh and once she gets that boy she wants to be with him and he wants to be with her. Just and overall perfect and amazing person. Best friend.
Savanna your the freaking best.
by live sucks yeet June 20, 2019
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She the most amazing person ever usually a brown or brunette haired girl with brown or hazel eyes she’s always nice to everyone except her friends she usually is most nice to her best friends unless you turn on her your life is gonna be bad never turn on a Savanna and she’s like a yandere a person who goes crazy for her crush she usually is truthful...
Guy 1 “she looks sweet with a good personality.”
Guy 2 “ back off she’s mine she’s also a Savanna.”
Guy 1 “chill dude
by F you puta December 08, 2019
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Savanna is a short girl with brown hair that is short with freckles and green eyes she is very generous and care's about everyone even people she doesn't like she doesn't tolerate bullshit. She is a great friend and an amazing smart person, she works for what she wants and expects greatness form others. She is a little insecure but hide's it she thinks she is funny but is not, and can't cook but will learn how to. Over all savanna's are great people to have in your life. However if you ever get in to a relationship with a savanna they may hurt you in the end because they get nervous.
Person one: Did she just say she makes mac and cheese with pepperoni

Person two: Of course she did it's savanna
by Jorge the great November 26, 2018
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is funny, kind, has lots of friends, artistic, and loves sports. Most Savanna's have a sense of humor all the time. They will make you laugh and smile. Savanna's are the most wonderful being in the world if you know them well. She is the one most guys will have a crush on but not tell her because they are afraid to.
Guy who has crush on a Savanna- Hey umm

Savanna- yeah?
Guy who has crush on a Savanna- Nothing never-mind
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by YeetThatBaby69 October 17, 2019
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when applied to a woman it means very very SEXY! most savannas are one of a kind sexy girls so take them home on the first oporunity (if ya know what i mean) when you see them cause they have a tendancy to be loaners and hop from one guy to the next
Dude that chick's a savanna tap 'dat while you can!
by the man 27 April 23, 2008
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The most perfect person to ever live she would do anything to make those who she loves happy she has the most amazing smile and while she does have her moments she will always be perfect

Oh and she has an amazing but
Is that a Savanna?

Obviously cant you see how beautiful she is
by wordsbitch January 09, 2017
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