Some one extreamly good at roasting, any time you roast him/her they will top your roast with another and won't quit roasting . Don't mess with savage cabbage.
Don't mess with that savage cabbage he takes every thing personal.
by Dj767 May 12, 2016
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Savage cabbage is the loudest bud man has ever smoked. Originating from the most notorious groppers of Hertfordshire. It is a form of genetically engineered super skunk that leaves its users in a incapacitated state after one boof
Juss copped an 8th of savage cabbage
“Fuck is savage cabbage?”
*takes one boof*

Ollie: “george just niced me a z of savage cabbage”

by mandem_1 July 14, 2020
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A synonym for many words pertaining to the status of acclaim of a person.

I.E. - a synonym for, "cool," "lit," "awesome," "sigma," or a person who does things that are stereotypically seen as amazing.

(Coined by a tired Italian man.)
"Yo, did you see that Tom did 7 backflips in the air AND landed it?"
"Yeah dude, he's a savage cabbage!"

"I just landed that trickshot, I'm such a savage cabbage."

"Dude, oh my God, you get mad puhddy, you're such a savage cabbage!"

"You were a savage cabbage in the bedroom tonight ;)."
by Tungsten Pimp January 21, 2022
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Originated in athy Ireland. Adjective to describe something is extremely good
"Man this burger is savage cabbage"
by Reece Parry November 2, 2006
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The Most Savage of Savages, also referred to as "Savage Cabbages," are savages who flame and spit heat at anyone who throws shade at them. Don't fuck with a Savage Cabbage
Wow, Phil got flamed by Kaizer! What a Savage Cabbage!
by OnMyMomsAccount March 22, 2018
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A really cool person who is epic, not hah though.
Yoo, Will is a savage cabbage! just shanked Hah outside Nandos!
by JacobBazScalpathus May 29, 2019
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