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Saukville is this shitty town in Wisconsin. There's like 5000 people, 200 are kids, all of the adults are alcholic rednecks.

The cops are gay as hell and patrol constantly trying to find stoned out teenagers or anyone lighting up a smoke.

Ahh, how I love my home. >_>
You guys wanna go to Saukville? -Port Washington kid.

Nah, that place is lame. - Anyone from not Saukville.
by B-rad Johnson December 31, 2007
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A shitty drive-through town in Wisconsin getting shittier by the minute. Where asshats in Dodge Crapavans and other pieces of Dodge shit have to rush ahead of you in the left lane on highway 33 to cut you off on the bridge. Do you like fighting traffic? How about trying the 3PM rush-hour where people don't give a rat's ass about you and those in white cars with tinted windows will call you a "fucking asshole" if you honk at them at the Kwik Trip. Don't forget the residents there who will talk behind your back about how much a horrible person you really are. They'll also leave their dog shit on your lawn and YOU have to pick it up. And don't forget to drive east to Port Washington. Home of former child star, and douchebag, Screech. Plus, get FREE flat tires by driving on the streets filled with glass and nails.
My blood pressure raises every time I drive through Saukville.
by dragonfart685 June 03, 2016
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