weekly drunkeness at a friends house including :
fist pumping, pacman, card games, dance breaks, spilling beer on the floor and passing out.
Scott: "Kent, are you going to saturday night shitshow"

Kent: " of course, im ready to fist pump all night"

Emma: "why is scott and vicky killing eachother again?"

Niall: " its only tradition emma."
by Saturdayshitshow February 6, 2010
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When the night ends with true hunger and only a pork pie stuffed into a sloppy minge will suppress the need for sustanence.
"you wouldn't believe how my night ended! Didn't need breakfast after that Saturday night pork pie express!"
by Ernieb182 August 17, 2019
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A new version of Follow Friday, on the Social Networking site "Twitter." This fashion was created by Twitter user @maskedscientist
Let me give a shout out to @so_n_so @jonhdoe for today's #stalksaturday. You should #stalk them. This is a "Stalk Saturday."
by mstmat September 25, 2009
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its the phenomena where people on the internet can legally be homophobic on saturdays. this can occasionally apply to wednesdays, but is most common on saturday. See also: racism monday
jim: i dont like gay people
josh: you cant say that! thats homophobic!
jim: but its homophobia saturday!
josh: oh alright
by pewguin June 5, 2022
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bruh why do i always need to type the sentence here ugh whatever

swag jam saturday
by memeaddictive October 1, 2022
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A weekly celebration of oral and anal sex.
Sodomy Odyssey Saturday is a duel celebration I can stand behind!
by SueDoeName August 15, 2018
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Sad saturday is when god decides he doesnt want ppl 2 be happy on saturday so most ppl feel bad on this day. It only effects the ppl that satan hasn't got into yet because they do not have an evil force shield around them.
Person 1: I feel sad :(
Person 2: Probably because it's sad Saturday
by Olixia_xox March 21, 2020
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