The Saturday right after Black Friday. It's the day that your friends go shopping (or looking for things that are still on sales) instead of the actual Black Friday because they are busy on Black Friday.
Voi had an appointment with us on Black Friday night and then she informed us she wouldn't make it since she would go shopping. We scolded her for being so nulo, so she decided to have a White Saturday instead.
by numberthree@13c November 27, 2021
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the best day of the week, chicken saturday is THE DAY you will eat chicken....
Joshua: Hey Cassie, its chicken saturday, we should go to chick-fil-a!
by MamanWinston March 22, 2022
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A day where Karla and Cassidy Laugh alot.

Dear Drake,
ha i told you it was real bitchh. suck my left nut. no wait make it my right one.
love karla(:

Dear Drake,
Don't worry, you don't have to suck Karla's left. OR right nut. hahah. I love youu. (:
laughterrras hahah,. HA HA HA

Haha Saturday
by oy vey. June 5, 2011
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Someone who is two-faced, self contradicting, fake. Someone who acts perfect but is really a jerk.
"He's a very spoken on saturday guy"
by MS2323 March 23, 2022
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