Satoru Gojo is the strongest jujutsu sorcerer from the manga and anime named Jujutsu Kaisen
Satoru Gojo is a badass, he can walk in uninvited, threaten the old man in charge, then walk out just as casually without suffering any consequences
by tryst_69 December 8, 2020
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A fine ass teacher omg. Tall. Beautiful eyes. STRONGGG???? and INTELLIGENT??? wow. what more can i ask for. Anyways this mf comes out in Jujutsu Kaisen go watch it lol.
“Wow have you seen the new anime adaption of Jujutsu Kaisen?”

Yup omg! but did you see Satoru Gojo though?”
by Sistinechapel December 6, 2020
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The sexiest mf in all of anime. He’s definitely packing and has a god complex. Mappa’s favorite.
You let your girl watch Jujutsu Kaisen?

I did.... she left me for Satoru Gojo and I understand.
by Bakuhoe March 17, 2021
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The strongest jujutsu sorcerer with a 5 ft cock that will rip you in half. Just hearing his name will make you cum in your trousers 15 times.
Guy: I just saw satoru gojo the other day

Other Guy: Holy shit how many times did you cum
Guy: 658 times, hbu?
Other Guy: only 24
by hrhsher March 17, 2021
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Hot ass mf with the drip and good charisma. This man makes you question your sexuality.
Male: Daddy, please!
by iamanolifeweeb January 18, 2021
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The Sexiest man a life with a 16 inch dick who isn't afraid to use it. His sexiness will change your sexuality and his cock is so big it will rip you in half
Guy: Yo man Satoru Gojo is here
Other Guy: Holy shit I came in my pants 15 times from hearing that
by hrhsher March 17, 2021
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a character from jujutsu kaisen which is also one of the hottest and sexiest characters ive ever seen in my entire life i want him to tie me with his blindfold. hes also a god
ahhh gojo satoru is so hot!!

i know, right?!
by yuri✨💅 November 29, 2020
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