Double-Stuf Oreo.
Guy 1: "God damn it, I've got a craving only DSOs can cure."

Guy 2: "You gonna get fat."
by Trazdee August 14, 2011
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Dirty Stop Out - when you and/or mates stay out late and/don't come back 'home' for days
Where have you been you DSO?
by DSO Fo' Life November 19, 2017
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Stands for "Doggy Style Only". Essentially it refers to a girl who looks peng from the back but her face is clapped.
She is a DSO
by Wallyscag September 21, 2018
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Short for Doggie Style Only. Used to refer to women who from the rear view look extremely attractive, but the front view looks more like she's ran into the back of a truck.
Generally used as a secret men's business tool, when one male only has a rear view and the other has seen the front...
Male 1: DSO?
Male 2: Yeah definitely DSO, hope you got a paper bag man!!
by GM October 15, 2004
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Acronym meaning "During Sex Orgasm" usually applied to the elusive act of climaxing for a female unable to achieve during intercourse.
Bree had slept with over 20 men in 5 years, yet had been unable to achieve a DSO.
by Breee December 9, 2006
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Stands for Deadly Sperm Overload.

It is the condition that men have, and the reason that they get so angry and aggressive. They need to release themselves and when they don't get any booty they suffer from DSO syndrome.
"He is being so rude!"
-"Well he is suffering from DSO!"
by Manymenproblems March 1, 2011
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