A very sweet girl that you will immediately want to become best friends with. She will make you laugh a lot by just being herself. She's very pretty and all the boys like her. Her dazzling smile will honestly make your day a better one. You would be lucky to have a Sasha in your life.
That girl has the most gorgeous smile, she must be a Sasha!!
by mickydovexo December 13, 2016
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a very shy girl but when you get to meet her she’s the nicest person you’ll ever meet. she’s very fun and does a lot of stupid shit with you. she’ll third wheel for you just to make sure your happy, she one of the prettiest girls ever and you’ll never wanna lose her
hey sasha can we hangout with him
by what abt it October 24, 2018
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a really cute girl.
nice booty.
cute smile.
very active girl
1. Yo look at dat girl!. She is a Sashae!
by bubblesz January 8, 2008
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A Sasha is a warm hearted person. She is someone a guy could ever wish for. Shes one of those girls by just the thought of her makes you crack a smile. She is neither pretty, nor cute, and hot is definitely not the word to describe her. She is simply the most beautiful thing that ever stepped foot on the planet. Every where she walks, she literally glows. She has an astonishing smile and her laugh is to die for. She might deny it but any guy that knew her would think the same. She is boss at cheer and dance and will school anyone that gets in her way. If a guy happens to share something special with a Sasha, and decides to be a complete idiot and let go of her, she will in fact have that guy dying at her feet sooner or later. I'd give the guy 6 months tops. Sasha is fun to be around and she will make you laugh no matter what. She can be weird but its the absolutely cutest thing you'll ever experience. Her heart is as soft as an angels and her personality is beyond compare. And maybe the guy who's writing this is the complete idiot who left her for six months and regrets it more than anything in the world right now. And if it takes more then defining her on urban dictionary, then this guy is willing to do whatever it takes to have back her back. And deep inside this guys heart, he knew he could never ever in his life let go of Sasha and now she has him dying at her feet. That my friend is the true definition of Sasha.
Wow, I just met a girl named Sasha last night. I think I'm in love.
by KoolAid&FrozenPizza January 28, 2011
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She's the coolest girl you'll ever meet. She's fun to be around and is always there to help you when you need it. She's sexy and is confident about herself. She's shy and loud all at the same time. She's always hanging out with her friends. She's seen a million movies and read a million books. She's caring and passionette. She's afraid of what will happen if she spills her secrets, yet she's willing to do it. Its all because she's in love with a really cool guy (who just happens to be one of her really good friends) Sadly, he just hasn't noticed so he doesn't know it yet.
Sasha loves him, yet he has no clue.
by _Sasha_ November 27, 2005
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A quiet and shy guy until you really get to know him deeply. Sasha can be a little bit punk sometimes and is very elitist on the music which he listens to which is anyway better than yours! He has a little side "dictator of the good taste " which he assumes perfectly! He is very good for drawings, he knows how to take good pictures, he is a real and deep artist ! He's often fun to hanging around when you are sad. He's the type of person to try to help you as much as he can. He is the funniest and smartest guy to be with according to his high sense of humor: clever and very sensitive. When he is in a love relationship he takes it very seriously and sincerely, he can love you beyond the death. He is always there to listen when you need to complain and can find something fun or weird to cheer you up ! He's kind and sweet as long as you're not on his dark side: this secret side that you can’t never imagine only if he shows you! Sometimes he can be an “ autocentric narcissistic talented jerk “ according to his bests friends but don’t mind : If you ever meet a Sasha hold on to him and treat him right because it could be a while before you met someone like him again. He is also someone you can really trust because he knows the meaning of friendship : Sasha is the best friend everybody wants to have but only a few can really deserve it !
If he was awsome he MUST have been a Sasha !

Sasha is so deeply romantic !
by TheLumix March 29, 2018
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Sashae! A once in a life time girl. Sashae's are usually intelligent, caring, fierce, with interesting personalities. Sashae's are loyal and will never fail to make you smile. Overall are amazing if you meet a Sashae never let her go because she's not to big on second chances.
Tom: "Wow see that girl over there she's so pretty"
Stefan: " She must be a Sashae!"
by Suzie H. March 11, 2021
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