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MDFMK is a band. The name is backwards of KMFDM. This band is good. Anything with Tim Skold in it is always good.
Tim Skold is part of MDFMK, therefor they are good.
by timskoldroxursox July 13, 2005
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Side project of KMFDM members Sascha Konietzko, Tim Skold, and Lucia Cifarelli (who joined KMFDM after the release of MDFMK's album).

More of an Electronic sound, and not political like KMFDM, the band lived off of their only album 'MDFMK', and the song 'Missing Time', which was off of the 'Heavy Metal 2000' soundtrack. They also had two other songs on an import version of the self-titled CD, but I think they sucked.
1. MDFMK should come back, for in some cases their only album is better than new KMFDM

2. Truly KMFDM's message of government and politics was contradictive in senses of MDFMK, for the label that they joined for their album was a mainstream and global company (Universal Records)
by Mister E. May 28, 2005
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