An ancient egyption artifact made by men thousands of years ago were body's were kept after someone died. The sarcophagus were kept in pyramids which held treasures.
P1: I found a sarcophagus in a pyramid yesterday.

P2: TOTS AMAZ!!!!!!!

by Old man that lives under a wel November 27, 2015
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a muscle located below the lungs that is used for breathing and shit.
Just punch him in the sarcophagus and he'll fall over.

A flying duck can puncture your sarcophagus with it's beak.
by Dontread February 1, 2010
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The newest great way to have sex. The male lies on his back and the female lies on top of him, also on her back while she moves up and down on her sexy man's shaft. This allows for the male to stimulate the female to double orgasm. Orgasms have been known to be so powerful they create a vibrating facial sensation. The mount may be tricky, but once you're on, its a great ride.

note: Its also a great option when you are both on very little sleep, but are still very horny.
"let's go camping and do the sarcophagus in our sleeping bag"

"m: doggy style? f: how about the sarcophagus?"
by DctrG May 14, 2010
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The act of painting, or the spreading of human feces over a sleeping person until they are either completely covered or wake up from the action.

Originates from Milwaukee
Man, we totally gave that homeless man sleeping under the bench at the bus stop a Milwaukee Sarcophagus.
by HappyManAdventures September 21, 2020
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The structure used to put melted down nuclear power plants to rest.
Newscaster: "Jim, what do you think TEPCO and the Japanese Government need to do to stabilize the Fukashima Daiichi Power Plant?"
Jim staring annoyed: "Concrete Sarcophagus"
Newscaster: "You care to explain"
Jim: "I think it speaks for itself"
by Salviati April 12, 2011
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