the act of saying something in a sarcastic tone.
He didn't benchpress 500 pounds! He was just sarcasting.
by Nigel Tanglao October 10, 2006
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The active act of being sarcastic in the present tense as used by my seven year old.
A grammatical error meant to mean the same as 'being sarcastic', but much more entertaining.
Dad's just joking, he's sarcasting.
by Ted S April 04, 2009
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Verb form of "sarcasm."
To use sarcasm.
-Oh you look great today with your obnoxiously fuzzy boots and lack of pants.
-Are you sarcasting?
-Psh no...why would I sarcast about your blatant inability to judge what is and what isn't proper clothing?
by The real Ello February 08, 2010
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