Sariah is a crazy fun girl. She is a whole goofball and she can always make u laugh. If you ever meet a Sariah you should probably become friends with her. She gives great hugs and is a AWESOME best friend.
Sariah: Hi random person my name is Sariah
Random Person: OMG can u be my best friend.
by not_youu December 14, 2019
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Kind hearted girl that is often emotional; doesnt take criticism very well;always on her shit;never caught slipping;over exaggerates everything;loving and protective over friends;beautiful
Wow, you're being a Sariah right now.
by Lalalalayassss March 13, 2017
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Usually asssociated with things of beauty
To describe someone who is smart, nice, pretty, kind to others.
Extremely giggly.
Flirtatiously Akward.
Open-minded especially when it comes to guys.
Lots of mixed emotions.
Funny, charitable.
That rose is so Sariah.
The girl who got straight A' s is very Sariah.
She likes that guy but she's so Sariah he can't tell.
She's dating a guy that has different beliefs than her, she's so Sariah.
by canofunaza October 4, 2011
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Sariah is the best name anyone could have!! They are hilarious and adorable. Sariah is the prettiest person ever and you can’t deny it! Sariah is lovable sweet funny and kind! Sariah has the best taste in style and people. She has the best group of friends
Girl: look the new girl
Emma: oh that’s Sariah
Girl: she’s pretty!
by crackhead.loser April 19, 2021
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Sariah is a type of pretty beautiful person that will always have your back and cares about other people and every boy likes her
Boy 1: oh here come sariah how do I look

Boy 2: dude she don’t like you she like me
by November 2, 2020
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The girl who doesn’t open up unless she’s comfortable she’s in her own world she is a ray of light that is slowly hiding in a shadow. She doesn’t understand her beauty is one of a kind she is amazing in her own way but her way is so magical. You will fall in love with her but she won’t believe it because she has been hurt she is broken and not easy to fix but keep her safe and slowly help heal her.
Sariah is in another universe and I wanna be there
by Ranen December 25, 2022
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Sariah; Name
Sariah Is usually the nicest person around. There name isn't too common so when you meet one, you know that their special.

Sariah Tends to be beautiful, Kind, Smart, and knows her way around with people.

Sariah has amazing style, and the best taste in guys.

Don't make her angry though. Sariah's know what their doing.
Who's That?

Oh her? That's Sariah.

She helped me earlier with homework
by threelegsdictonary69 January 2, 2023
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