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Usually asssociated with things of beauty
To describe someone who is smart, nice, pretty, kind to others.
Extremely giggly.
Flirtatiously Akward.
Open-minded especially when it comes to guys.
Lots of mixed emotions.
Funny, charitable.
That rose is so Sariah.
The girl who got straight A' s is very Sariah.
She likes that guy but she's so Sariah he can't tell.
She's dating a guy that has different beliefs than her, she's so Sariah.
by canofunaza October 03, 2011
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Kind hearted girl that is often emotional; doesnt take criticism very well;always on her shit;never caught slipping;over exaggerates everything;loving and protective over friends;beautiful
Wow, you're being a Sariah right now.
by Lalalalayassss June 18, 2018
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nice caring cute sexy funny understanding smart

great gilfriend material
awesome in bed
damn sariah you fine

you should be datin me!

Whats your name??

it starts with a k.

by kidssleighbells1212 May 06, 2011
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A sexy girl who is sweet loves animals and has nice sex.
A girl that is super nice is popular with a lot of friends and loves to have fun! Usually is beautiful and can be seriousz
That girl is totally a sariah!

Guy 1: I had sex with a girl and she was amazing!
Guy 2: she must have been a sariah!
by Powers123198 May 16, 2011
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