You're such a sarcast! I should thrash you to death with a wiffel ball bat.
by Chester March 4, 2005
"OMG really," Kaitlyn said sarcastically
by kkrosado February 14, 2012
one of the talented few who practices sarcasm as an art.
ostrawberryloveo153: i dont stalk him either
TheOutlandishOne: mhmm
TheOutlandishOne: oh, and did you hear that my name was santa claus?
ostrawberryloveo153: what?
TheOutlandishOne: it was an elegant version of 'and i'm santa claus.' i am a sarcast, as you know

by theoutlandishone January 5, 2008
a disdainful remark with the intentions of insulting someone
I hate when you ask someone a question they give you sarcastic reply.
by Gerard Irick February 16, 2010
Saying false things in an insulting way.
"OK, surrrre you're the President."
by Jimmy Jilly March 18, 2004
the act of saying something in a sarcastic tone.
He didn't benchpress 500 pounds! He was just sarcasting.
by Nigel Tanglao October 10, 2006
For joking and scolding.
Do not use this in front of your kids.
mum 'hey john go play i'll do all of yur homework'
john 'oke'
'no wait'
'i was being sarcastic'
'bye i'm going to play'
'oh shit'
by a URban pea March 7, 2022