The only thing that can attack Chuck Norris and survive. Some say he went back in time and fought Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan at the same time and won.
Person 1: Is that Santi?
Chuck Norris: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!
by Gotheater December 3, 2011
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pronounciation: \sahn-t\
function noun
1a. one who accepts nothing but truth, b. a empirical person, c. a person who is honest to a fault.
function adjective
2a. one in accordance with the actual state of affairs.
function adjective
1a.disposed to truth. b. legitimate
examples (noun) a.I can't handle the truth, I'm not Santi.
b.I have trouble keeping it real, I didn't grow up like Santi.

(adjective) a.If i wasn't such a conformist I'd stand up for what I believe in and keep it Santi.

b. I thought being sooo hood was the cool thing kids do now, but being Santi is cooler.
by sdfunk November 17, 2009
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A superior type of human.
A santi is extremely good looking, they posses a unique beard and style.
It is said in the greek mythology that a Santi comes every 100 years to show perfection to the human world
#1 Did you hear about Santi
#2 awww gauwd hes soooo smexy
by IDK.... November 15, 2011
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Short for the name "Santiago"
a hispanic-american boy with light skin
athletic, yet has a musical side
is shy at first but has an amazing personality
thinks like a guy but acts like a gentleman
sometimes messes around with friends

but always makes time for his girlfriend
is very intelligent, but has a funny side
his smile is infectious, it makes everyone around him smile
most of all, has a clear goal in his life
Santi is the best friend anyone could ever ask for
by TheLovelyLAdy April 18, 2011
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Everything positive.

The Academy Is...'s lead vocalist William Beckett told BLUNT magazine:
Adam and I went to the same high school, and there was this dude there named Josh Santiago. I was doing a solo project at the time, and I was listening to different music than most people. So this one guy in particular, Josh, gave me a hell of a time, like busted my chops and called me negative names like "fag" and stuff. He was just that kinda guy. So we started saying Santi as everything that wasn't him - everything that was positive, just because he was such a negative dude and such a terrible person. So we started saying Santi as something funny and kinda cool, kinda like a "cheers" or we say it as a greeting.
by Ellyyy August 12, 2007
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VietGeek will never be Santi.
by sasukebowser March 25, 2009
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santis are the most amazing people in the world. if there is ever a santi near you BE FREINDS WITH THEM. only the specialist of girls get to be their girlfriends as everyone admires a santi. They make the best boyfriends ever, by presents and go out with you all the time and will back their girl up in every situation wether thats with their ex or friends or family just everything. They also understand your problems and will always make sure your okay. They can be annoying but overall they are the best kind of person. Some initials that go well with a Santi are J,I,K,L,H.
girl: hey i need a new boyfriend, santi or alex?
friend: santi all the way!
by bobabcbobabc November 8, 2021
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