A jolly old fat man known as the worlds most elusive stalker
He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when your awake. Yep, Santas definitely a stalker
by ThatRandomnGuy December 08, 2013
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Santa really exists.He's a demon/Satan.
He is real.He is Satan.
An actual manifestation of Satan.
Has a pseudo-real history that blurs the lines between reality and fiction.Owned black moors as slaves.
Santa is just but one actual manifestation of Satan.Another is Captain Planet.Yet another is the Arthurian legends which also blur the lines of reality and fiction.For a full physical manifestation see Hitler,Stalin,The Manson Family,Jeffrey Dahmer and the like.Oh yes,Santa is quite real kiddies.And he's a real pain in the ass!
Santa is but one manifestation of Satan in the form of anti-Christ propaganda.This is just one way in which Satan manifests.
/wherever the lines of reality and fiction are blurred...
Wherever religion,magick,reality,fiction,and government pagan propaganda converge,there Satan is.He is also fond of corrupting the youth as you can see so be very aware of that too.Satan often appears in fictional children's tales to propagandize them and blur the lines between reality and fiction.Isn't culture lovely?
by Man in the sunglasses September 29, 2005
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Fat man who eats all your cookies during the holidays. Mythical creature originated in Germany and some how gets his fat ass down your chimney. Best friend is cookie monster. Married to Mrs. Claus. Works little green, pointed eared, dwarfs to there deaths in a factory in a freezing temperatures all year long. Abuses reindeer by sprinkling magic dust on them mutating their DNA allowing them to fly. Children love him, but pee on his lap in the mall.
Billy "Gee Santa, i want a toy train for Christmas.''

Santa "To bad, you get coal cause you have been a naughty boy!!!"
by Bob Hufferman December 22, 2012
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a old fat guy who likes to watch kids sleep. he loves cookies Santa is a well known date rapist. Santa's background is he was in a prison camp in Siberia then he poisoned a guards drink to escape and eventually find the north pole.
guy 1: whoa! I cant remember anything from last night.
guy 2:dont you remember Santa?
guy1: god damn not again.
by mr. rodgers August 27, 2014
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large hairy man that breaks into your house once a year. see peadophile
sit on my lap lil children and i will show my sweet SWEET candy!
by apeshit November 26, 2004
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Santa is a jolly old man with a long white beard. He dresses in all red. He likes to break into your house on the 25th of December. You might want to watch out for him.
Oh my god, Santa is here!
by ~Jay~ January 04, 2006
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