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City of roughly 160,000 people located about 60 mi North of San Francisco. It's got it's really nice areas, but it also has several really ghetto neighborhoods that unless you fell like getting into a fight with mexican gang members, you had better steer clear of. These being namely the Apple Valley Neighborhood, West End (West 9th), and South Park/Roseland. However these areas are only really dangerous at night. O and 90% caucasian, thats bullshit. more like 50% at the most. Most of the rest are mexicans. Also, don't hang out at the transit mall at night. bad idea.
There are a lot of fucking Mexicans in Santa Rosa.
Waay too many Mexicans in Santa Rosa.
Seriously man. You have no idea. There are a lot of fucking Mexicans. They're fucking everywhere... shit... I think a Mexican just moved next-door! Damnit! Why don't these beaners just stay in their own country? Goddamn mexicans.
by metalheadkid May 12, 2006

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