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1. A character in the anime/manga Inuyasha. Sango translates to 'coral'. Just like coral, she is beautiful, yet strong. She is the last of the Taijiya (demon hunters). Her main weapon is the Hiraikotsu, a bone boomerang. (She has other gadgets as well.) Her village was destroyed by Naraku. Naraku also gets control of Kohaku's body. (He is her brother.) This cruel act brings misery upon Sango whether to fight against her brother to reach Naraku. Her mission is to free Kohaku from the Naraku so he can live (or die) peacefully and avenge her village and family. She sides with Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo and Miroku. She and Miroku develop a romance throughout the series.
Sango is an exceptionally good fighter, yet so tragic.
by Sango March 5, 2005
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A seventeen year old young woman who is the last survivor of a Taijiya (Demon Hunter) village in the Japanese animation Inuyasha. Her primary weapon is Hiraikotsu (literally "Flying bone") though she produces a variety of tools and weapons from various recesses of her armor through out the series.

Where does she keep it all when she's traveling? We don't want to know.
"Sango is an excellent fighter."
by Zoni December 13, 2003
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A sandwich. Used most frequently by surfers (esp. Australians) but also boarders and skaters.
Railer - there's no avo in my sango.
by Surflife805 March 6, 2007
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a awesome (half japanese half white) teenager. shes cool and has a great sense of style.
"Look at Sango! She dresses soo cool!"
"I so want to ask Sango out."
"Sango is the coolest friend. If she was a guy I would marry her."
by emma holman October 17, 2008
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Short tempered ninja chick who caries around a giant boomerang and kills monsters for a living.
Miroku groped Sango and received a beating for his efforts.
by SangoTaijiya June 30, 2003
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A state of mind that means the word "cunt" in English. The word originates from the sacred Crango Language, only taught in the Crango Language Faculty.
"Tullett Sinky, you are such a sango!"
Tullet Sinky is being called a cunt.
by grango sinky June 26, 2022
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