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an really awsome hardcore rock band that has a cool growl on the beginning of their songs.

a band that has good lyrics and a good mixture of "dirty(screaming)" voice and "clean(melody singing)" voice, but both voices are very good, and have an amazing mix in their songs. i.e. "Not Ready To Die"
what?? you dont know demon hunter??
you have to get the album. it wont bore you because its not just plain screaming the whole time!!
by xCHRISx December 05, 2004
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A hardcore christian metal band. The best in the genre. They're often compared to SlipKnot, but in all reality they're barely alike. Demon Hunter has talent. Sadly, we can't really say the same about SlipKnot. Demon Hunter never does interviews, and they're always very conservative of their identity, by wearing wigs, fake tattoos, ect. Their lyrics are usually quite brutal, and they abuse their instimunts.
Buy their new album, Summer Of Darkness. It'll keep you headbanging for hours.
by Will March 21, 2005
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The BEST Band in the World! They rule! Ryan you are the Master! They Growl, The Rule, lmfao, omg! I love DH!
Did you get Summer of Darkness yet? It's awesome. But their Self titled Album was better! I am the Mage
by Mage of Darkness July 17, 2004
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