Taijiya is the Japanese Translation for 'Demon Hunter'. Within the Anime/Manga InuYasha, a tribe of taijiya settled in the mountains of the Sengoku Jidai. Alas they were annihilated one night when the village guard had set forth on a mission. The only survivors were Sango, the headman's 16 year old daughter, and her kid brother Kohaku. Sango has sworn revenge on the man who led the demon attack, Naraku. He has also ensnared Kohaku with his malicious puppetry, and uses the boy again his sister.

The only hope of restoring the Taijiya clan lies in the hands of Sango and her fiancé Miroku.
"I am a Taijiya. Slaying demons is my sole duty in life." - Sango
by Kera-chan May 9, 2006
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