When the person you are talking to is dry with their responses
Girl 1: “How did yalls conversation go last night?”
Girl 2: “Oh my god, he’s such a sandpaper.”
Girl 1: “Yikes sis. He was that dry?”
by umyikes June 10, 2019
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After a long day at the beach, in a place such as an all-inclusive resort, one often finds it quite difficult to remove all of the sand from the different crevaces of the human body.
This term is used to describe the rough and scratchy feeling when wiping one's bum after a long day at the beach.
"Man, I've got a serious case of sandpaper from the beach"

"Oh dear, the combination of burritos and sandpaper brought me to tears last night"
by Timmy Sanchez Da Third March 30, 2009
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Person 1: hey you're all out of toilet paper
Person 2: I don't use toilet paper
Person 1: what?
Person 2: yeah I use sandpaper because it's superior to toilet paper
Person 1: bro what the fuck is wrong with you
Person 2: in a ultra sigma male, it's just in my blood
Person 1: holy shit this is literally a 1984 moment
Person 2: HOLY SHIT (man of culture moment)

*Person 2 shoots themselves in the head causing their brains to be splattered all across the fucking wall and ceiling*
Big Chungus: this is a certified bruh moment

Obama: *starts beatboxing*
by KarlMarxishot December 26, 2022
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Sexual Intercourse on the beach, but it has to be on the sand to be considered an official "Sandpaper."
Person 1 - Bro I Sandpapered the fuck out of that bitch last night

Person 2 - Finally man
by I Punish Whores January 28, 2014
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when you use sand paper for a lube. many have tried this aspect to no avail, but it shall be tried again this millenia. it leaves both parties sensitive and just. tired and tight,and blue. you can actually sandpaper your dong to create a grit like sensation before you become erect and ejaculatory.
jane- lets spice up our sex life
dan- yea its more like sex pergutory
jane- haha, u r funny, but i saw someone use a new type of lube
dan- oh yea?
jane- yea
dan- well lets do it, lets use sandpaper for some grit.
jane- i will like it
dan- yes you will
jane- thanks, i hope i dont get a dry
san- oh no no, you will just get an orgasm
by john really brown June 12, 2006
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a skidmark (shitstain, streak of poop on underwear), usually consisting of crusted crap or shit on your underwear that has some sort of rough dried texture. can also be formed by vaginal secretion on the front of womans panties.
I had so much diarrhea, that I ended up having sandpaper on my boxers from all the anal leakage I had during the day.
by Bob1983 March 30, 2008
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