Sand Nigger - A racist slur towards people of middle eastern decent. The term is used mainly in North America where it has become a popular derogatory term towards someone of Arab, North African, Afghan and Pakistani descent. It is less known in the UK where, instead, the term 'Paki' is used for people of the latter origins.
Black boy: "Hey yo Sam, you gon' be at the party tonight down by Westside of Compton?"

White boy: "Hell no! You want my ass kicked in by a bunch of Niggers?"

Black boy: "There'll be Sand Niggers there too?"

White boy: "Niggers, Sand Niggers or Timber Niggers, I'll still get my ass kicked in."

Black boy: "Fair enough, let me know if you change yo mind."
by PirusNiggaLeech March 14, 2009
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Sand Nigger aka terrorist
Yo man you see that Sand Nigger?
Ya man at the gas station? Did he blow that up?
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a person with dark skin that is not from african descent but from the arab nations where lots of sand is present sometimes where turbans and talk with funny accents.
Justin: Ha look at that fucking sand nigger over there
James: yeah what a complete fuck tell him to go back to his home land in the sand
Justin: Shitt! run he's got an AK-47
by cwjjjhcm May 29, 2009
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A sand dwelling, turban wearing, camel fucking, holier than thou. Bombers of innocent women & children and buildings. They all should be killed fucking slowly! We should all do the world a favor and turn their piece of shit country into one big parking lot!
The sand nigger that works down the road at the Chevron sucks!
by Michael Clay Smith Jr. March 7, 2008
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An African American who rolls in wet sand like a pig rolling in mud
first person says this: Fuckin Sand Nigger

then the 2nd people do this: Umm first of all I'm not Kirubell I'm not retarded and second I'm not African American nor can I afford a sand nigger
by Gangster Disciples 102 January 13, 2022
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a sand nigger is what’s called a vikkstar kids pedophile
damn vikkstar is a fucking sand nigger he has so many kids in his basement
by japan nigger. September 24, 2019
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