Sanchez- noun. A plain white workvan that swerves all over the road, loaded with beaners. Usually has more rust than paint.

Sanchez- verb. To settle a score through vicious acts of vandalism.
n.~ I had a Sanchez in front of me and the fucking bumper fell off.

v.~ He talked to me like a bitch, so I sanchezed the living shit out of the place.
by Bill Murphy August 30, 2005
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A name that is older than Charlemagne. Visigoth knights and dukes were named “Sancho.” As well as the names of several ancient Spanish Kings, descended from Charlemagne. If there kid was named Pedro, He would be called Pedro Sanchez, which means, “Pedro son of Sancho.”
As in “Hola, my name is King Sancho, the Great... this is my son Pedro Sanchez... (Vote for Pedro Sanchez!”)
by Jaksanz July 06, 2020
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Because if you are a fat mexican, you can still jump fences and get away from the cops
How did sanchez get away, when he was the only fat one?

Because hes brown
by hodgeadarious February 13, 2011
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In Latin American culture, primarily Mexican, the nickname given to the man your wife cheats on you with.
Burch: Hey Carlos, so if your dad was out in Mexico all that time, who's your real dad?

Carlos: Sanchez!
by Billy Bob Bolivar September 27, 2006
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doing a 'sanchez', to pose naked with a guitar, depending upon the participant it would be their preference whether the guitar coverd up the genitals or not.
For the enjoyment of others, a boy poses naked with a guitar covering up his genitals this would be considered Doing a 'sanchez'.
by Matt Stim April 16, 2008
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(v) To set up an activity and then--after recruiting others to take part--canceling the activity.

Plural: Sanchezed

Note: Sanchezing is not the same as "flaking". To sanchez someone (or to be sanchezed on) requires the initiator of the activity to be the flaker--usually screwing up everyone else's schedule after they've made time for the activity.
After Erick set up a happy hour with ten of his friends, he ending up sanchezing them 15 minutes before it was due to start.
by RPKeating January 29, 2014
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A person with mother issues and assumes that every women wants him but really is a phony and a loser.
Girl: Ew don't say hi 2 sanchez he is a loser
Girl2: yea he thinks every girl has a crush on him.
by Dangmanham July 13, 2014
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