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Out of anything you could've looked up, you looked up this?
Go away.
by Retard_Ryan November 1, 2022
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An even jump is a jump that is so perfect. The back of your feet line up with perfectly with the edge of what you're jumping on. It's usually said when this happens in video games, although it can happen in real life and can happen to anything or anyone that's jumping on something.
I've never seen anybody land that so perfectly! That was such an even jump!!
by Retard_Ryan February 11, 2023
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Idk. It's just there.
Ýœ wàťş üÞ ďūđě¿

Ñöţhîńğ ŕêãļłý, ßùț fŕåñķľý ı'və ğøţ ßëťţĕř §hįț ţõ đö ťhªń țhïś.
by Retard_Ryan March 6, 2023
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A "Quick kiss" is a kiss that lasts extremely long, usually at least 30 seconds. It's often done in public and during YouTube videos, more specifically those so called prank videos where some dude asks this crazy hot bitch to kiss real quickly.
Guy: How about we a game for a quick kiss. I'll flip a coin. Heads I win, tails you lose?
Girl: Okay sure.
by Retard_Ryan March 16, 2023
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An advertisement that I keep getting on here. It shows two happy old people walking.
Does sex hurt after menopause?
Idk, go and find out.
by Retard_Ryan March 13, 2023
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