in my opinion, the best school you could ever go to. Sure, it might suck your Freshman year because you planned on going somewhere else, but somewhere between the complaining and sleeping, you'll see that it's a school with laid-back teachers, funny ass rallies and a school mass in which 98% smokes weed.

The dances are pretty fun when they have them, the football team is superb, besides having a really bad coach and the pride you get in being a Spartan is everlasting. At San Juan, you'll make friends like no other, you'll see things you've never seen before and you'll get a locker! Most schools aren't even inside anymore and now they have lockers?!

If you think about leaving, it's just a waste of your time because 85.3% of people that leave, wind up coming back again.
B: So how's Bella Vista?
M: Ehh...I'm thinking about coming back to San Juan High.
B: Why'd you leave then?
M: I was stupid.

actual conversation
by Brittney Sade July 26, 2008
a school at the heart of Citrus Heights, knowing for being ghetto when in actually it isn't really ghetto or really diverse. It's known for it's outlandish shit-talkers, arm candy cheerleaders and retarded teachers. The y try to call it a historic landmark because it was built in the land before time but it really isn't. The renovations attract the bitches that hated Spartans because the school was "ghetto". It's a wonderful school to spend your years at even through all the shit you'll be put through.
S: Yo, Michelle be talkin' mad shit.
R: Doesn't she go to San Juan High?
S: Maybe that's the reason.
R: She had a nice ass dress to their homecoming though, they throw some bomb ass dances.
by Brittney Sade July 16, 2008
A school filled with privileged Ladera kids who live in a bubble and don't know where the good beaches are at. This school lowkey sucks but at least its better than Tesoro.
"Hey you go to San Juan Hills High School?"

"Yeah, it doesn't smell like a dump like everyone else says it does."
by thiccthiccdaddy27 June 23, 2020
A school that ain't nothin compared to Tesoro.
"lol, imagine being a mustang from San Juan Hills High School"
by Ok7 September 20, 2019