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aka: "Da Heights" and "Slitrus Heights"

a nice, wholesome suburban area, with citrus trees, a nice Mediterranean climate and welcoming people. Until 7:30am: when people on the road become jerks, honking at you for everything, when teachers come to school with nasty attitudes putting other children in nasty attitudes and then those children go down to the Sunrise Mall to mess with Mall Security (i.e. Sly or Palmer) and score some drugs.

Citrus Heights is a semi-tight knit community and if you know one person, you know the other. Marijuana is commonly dealt and smoked here, second popular drug is ether. If you do drugs and live in Citrus Heights, you run with people named Stitches or Amber. There is an amazing amount of rockers and elderly, damn near everybody has a cell phone that has some kind of malfunction and everyone knows someone that shouldn't be doing something they're doing at the moment.

At the center of Citrus Heights:
San Juan High
Sunrise Mall
Tempo Park
Donut King
Rusch Park
Mariposa Ave
Greenback Lane

People in Citrus Heights know how to have a good time despite the fact that it's a place that's going nowhere. It's known for it's bitch-ass cops (Citrus Heights PD) that patrol the schools and roads looking for trouble makers. Despite all it's been through, it's a clean city.

S: I'm moving to Carmichael.
B: It's not that far Steph, I live in Carmichael.
V: So? Why couldn't you have found a house in the Heights?
B: We'll find some new person, I even have a slogan...
C: Citrus Heights: Your Not Welcome Here, But If You Smoke, We'll Take You
by Brittney Sade July 26, 2008
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