City and capitol of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; it is the oldest municipality in the United States of America

POPULATION: 437,745 (as of the year 2000)
by Silky Smooth November 19, 2003
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1. A large city in Peurto Rico.
2. A slang term for a homosexual (usually male). Term discovered upon realizing that the popular tourist town of San Juan, Peurto Rico had an unusually high count of gay male residents. Oddly enough, many of them spoke fluent German. In no way is this term derogatory: simply observational
"Siehst du die San Juan"
"Did you see the San Juan? who just walked by?"
"You mean the gay guy? Yeah, I saw his boyfriend too."
by Mellowfellow February 24, 2009
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When one Puerto Rican bumps into you so you drop something you are holding and when you are bending over, another Puerto Rican sticks a finger up your butthole and screams "Caucau! Caucau!" like a bird.
Billy Bowstaff was walking down the dusty, lonely street contemplating his life force. Suddenly, before he knew it, he was a victim of a San Juan Surprise.
by Julio Handjob June 12, 2006
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When you pull out during drunken anal sex and a turd slides out right after your dick.
Gregg was a little surprised when the San Juan Slider hit his foot after he finished in her ass at the wedding in Roche Harbor.
by Gregg69420 August 26, 2021
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Sexual slang for having sexual activity with a condom, then after ejaculation, the male gives the condom to the female who "swallows" the contents.
Mary performed a San Juan Capistrano last night after I went up Hershey Highway.
by Allen Hawkinson April 6, 2006
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A place filled with pot smokers and hippies, somewhere in Northern California. You never wanna move there. Very small, filled with smoke and broken dreams. People come here to get high, or die emotionally. Or both. The only plus side is that you can get super big ice-creams here for really cheap!
Me: I hate my life so I'll move to North San Juan.

Kate: Okay.
by ARealLifeMess January 21, 2012
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a beautiful and over populated little city. has a wonderful mission and amazing much more authentic mexican food available. it holds a parade around march welcoming the swallows back from 6,000 miles away at their winter vacation spot in Goya, Argentina.
hometown san juan capistrano
by chachaaa June 3, 2009
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