A school brimming with sluts and man whores in fair oaks, CA. The students are ignorant, frivilous, egocentric dumb-fucks. Other than that, it is a fine, academically talented shcool.
boy#1: "Dude, we gotta hit up that Bella Vista party on Saturday, those sluts are so fucking easy, they'll do anyhting!"
Boy#2: "Fuck yeah! BV girls are where it's at."
Boy#1: "Don't bother bringing condoms, I doubt any of the girls have used one."
Boy#2: "haha, gotta love 'em."
by ?!?!?!?!?!?! January 1, 2008
The most awesome high school in the San Juan Unified School District. Located in Fair Oaks, CA, it has the best people, best teachers, best athletics. Chances are, Bella Vista probably owns your school in anything. Sure the high school has the typical preps, stoners, and douchebags, the school is still awesome. Bella Vista people also know how to party. The girls are fly and will do anything...yes, ANYTHING. The Broncos Rule. Period.
"Dude, I wish I went to Bella Vista."

"I know dawg, me too. BV is the shit."

by golongboard11 March 21, 2010
The hottest girls, the dumbest guys. If you're at a crackin party it must be thrown by a Bella Vista girl. We get away with what we want, and still look cute doing it.
"I want to meet a hot, smart girl, i want a Bella Vista girl"
by that girl1989 April 10, 2008