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Typical suburbian town.... hot girls hot guys... teenagers who think they are ghetto but they are not. Typical well off city, parks everywhere you look and little kids with their moms (hot moms by the way) on the sidewalks. Has the best 4th of July celebration in Northern California. 30 mins from San Fransisco, 20 from Oakland, 4 hours from Tahoe and 1 hour from Santa Cruz
by Your Mom November 02, 2004
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Moderate to largely populated city located in the east bay of northern California (aprx. 30 miles away from San Francisco). Crime level is extremely low, which in turn leads the popo to become bored out of their asses. They seriously do nothing but hide their badges in the shadows and wait for teenagers driving by and bust them for driving 5 miles over the legal speed limit.

California High School is located within the city limits. The only truly awesome teacher is weights teacher Linda. Linda kicks more ass than a toilet with boots. The principal sometimes enjoys coming out at nightime and feeding on the tears of small children.

Two raging epidemics have plagued the streets, shops, schools, and homes of San Ramon. They are the growing numbers of emo/scene kids and wiggers. Wiggers are white males who are struggling with a mental disorder that leads them to listen to rap, wear clothes too fucking many sizes bigger than needed, buy expensive fubu, and believe they are straight from the streets. Emo/scene kids are typically males that produce the excuse that they are "in touch" with their feelings in attempt to cover up the fact that they are truly a pussy to the limit. They normally wear tight girl pants, which leads us to believe they have no hint of male genitalia.

Most teenagers living in San Ramon complain too much that there is nothing to do and it's "hella" boring. There are actually more than enough ways and things to do that are fun in the big SR. The fast food restaraunt In-N-Out is located off of Crow Canyon as well.

House prices are dramatically increasing as well due to the popularity of "outsiders" moving into San Ramon. There are way too many fucking people in San Ramon now!! There use to be many rolling hills, now all there are is the many suburban communities designed so that all the houses are identical and cramped with no originality.

Otherwise, San Ramon is a pretty awesome place to live
Oh don't go to San Ramon! I hear that the wiggers will give you dirty looks with their mean-ass gangsta faces if you chuckle at them.
by J-winkz November 25, 2006
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Relativley small bedroom community, concisting of mostly ghetto "wannabe" asians and foul smelling hendies, as well as clueless, isolated, whining, mall girls. There is a cop around every perfectly landscaped corner, making sure you come to a complete stop. If your looking for something to do, you can go to the various country clubs or movie theaters, but if you want to shop, you'd have to drive 10 minutes to any neighboring mall town. But don't worry, you probably wont live here anytime soon. House prices average at $700,000 and rising.
rich, isolated from the world, safe-happy town.
by socialist315 - aim sn February 14, 2005
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San Ramon, CA is a small suburb in the eastern part of the bay area. Once a white, working class community, San Ramon is now becoming quite affluent with $1,000,000+ housing developments dominating the once rural landscape.

These new sections of San Ramon are populated mostly by Asian immigrants and their families. They usually move to San Ramon after living in San Jose, Fremont, or some other industrial part of the South Bay Area. These immigrant parents move out of these areas for the same reasons the white populations did in the 1970s.

Many of the children of these immigrants, being raised in the South Bay, have taken on the mannerisms and culture of the areas in which the once lived. Interestingly, the boys tend to think they are black, and behave in the traditional, suburban "wigger" style. They listen to loud hip hop in their even louder, "customized" Honda coupes. For the most part, these people are laughed at by the rest of the population who hope they grow out of it.

Unlike the boys, the girls seem more likely to realize that they are not black. Some however, think they are Hispanic and wear the garish makeup, clothes, and hair styles often found in the less affluent Mexican neighborhoods in San Jose.

Q: "Wat's that far away town all the Asians are moving to?"
A: "San Ramon"
by BoBOlee April 25, 2008
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the most boring city in california ever.

also known for cops with nothing better to do than harass kids teenagers for having too much fun.

fun is illegal in san ramon.
where to go in san ramon if you have nothing to do:
your/friends house

thats bout it.
by yessss November 21, 2005
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San Ramon is a city trapped within its own cesspool. The residents draw blanks when confronted on real issues, common sense, or when you just happen to say something smart. The only thing that matters to the residents is how they are viewed by each other, hence the only reason to “work” harder at selling home loans (been breakin' my back on the phone all day, honey!) and buy an S class or 7 series. To the few sane people left in San Ramon, the town itself drives them to insanity because the rich logic takes over EVERYONE and you wonder if you’re the last sane person on the planet… or are you the craziest person on the planet? There are various reasons why San Ramon should not be considered a part of CA (the most accepting, well-rounded, and liberal state of the Union)...
1. As stated by someone else, fun is illegal.
2. Being poor is a 1st degree felony, punishable by death.
3. Littering on master-planned cement will bring at least three separate cop cars to your location within the minute.
4. Smoking weed will also bring the same result, this as well is punishable by death.
However, if you’re rich, white, ignorant, and want your kids to be just as dumb, this is the safest place in the entire world. Nothing will happen. Ever. Until the day when someone snaps and blows it up.

Residents from here and the surrounding cities (Danville, Blackhawk, Dublin, Pleasanton, Alamo) have strange delusions. Many believe that rapper E-40 is FROM Blackhawk. This, of course, is ridiculous, like saying that Dr. Dre is from Beverley Hills. To clear up anyone's ignorance, E-40, coming upon a fortune too big to carry around in the itty bitty city of Vallejo (where he is actually from) was forced to move to a gated location like Blackhawk. I hope his twisted rich and evil neighbors are scared by the amount of coked out and high black people always driving by their house. Haha.

After living here for 10 years, I've since escaped the city limits, and will be going as far as possible, never to return, not even for my family (they have that "rich logic" and I can't help but knowing that I'm dealing with madmen).
"San Ramon is a city in the San Francisco Bay Area. It, however, is not in the 'yay area' or 'da bay'."
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where's the black people? or the hispanics? or the non white-washed asians?
no, seriously, there are no minorities in san ramon and its surrounding areas because it's so white-washed.
by j.m.f. July 25, 2006
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