To receive a kick, punch or similar blow to the crotch, in public.

Often causing not just severe pain, but anger and great embarrassment.

A funny spectacle for others to watch.
Simmilar to owned/pwnd
Member of public: "Dude you got sammed"
by Nic Palmer May 20, 2008
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Being left out, third wheeled, spare tired or flat out shunned so hard you feel disgusted and don't want to live anymore.
"Duuuude, last night I got sammed so hard by these two kids making out."

"The evening started nicely, wii bowling, couple of drinks but I felt pretty sammed when they started making out"            
by Scotch Mints? February 17, 2009
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When a bitch takes your shit away. Usually they will use manipulation, stealing, acting as victim, blackmailing, etc. to get your resources.
Johny Depp totally got Sammed for a little bit by Amber Heard.
by ModernArtFart May 5, 2022
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To ejeculate or cause someone to orgasm without physical cause merely with eye-contact.
she looked at me and i totally Sammed in my pants.
by ewokery October 21, 2009
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Toe be samuried. To defeat/be defeated in a samurai-like way.
Bitch got sammed in that fight yesterday!
by Anabasis March 17, 2010
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sam is the sweetest and cutest, most caring, attractive, loving, kindest guy you will ever meet. although he can be cringy that’s what makes him so special. If you ever meet him you will never want to loose him. You would be so lucky to have him and will never regret being with him. Not only is he kind he is also really good looking and has an amazing sense of humour. He will make you feel wanted and special. he will also comfort you and make you laugh so much and when he is gone for a bit you will miss him so much. he will be so important to you. although it may take him time to grow it will be worth it in the end. if you meet a sam you will love him to bits. sam is amazing.
sam is a great person.
by annonymous ;););) November 10, 2018
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