A beautiful goddess, soul of fire, and eyes of hopes; looks that kill, and scents that mesmeerize. Perfection at its maximum.
Damn you wish you were like Samii....
by Freddddddddyy January 29, 2007
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Something really cool and fun... the best thing in the world, much like estacy! (if i can spell, SPASTIS)
Samii is soo cool, she's got it going on!
by Scubi October 28, 2003
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The most beautiful girl out... every bitch is jealous of her especially the big headed ones. they usually have a sweet ass beautiful and curves that could kill :D
Damn she go to be Samii
by ice_man52 January 13, 2009
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A complete spastis of a person who is incredabley kinky and dirty! not to mention obessed with poo....oh did i mention stupid and scaredy cat that consyantly squeals like a wet cat?
you are a samii, only a samii would do that to a pencil!
by thug October 28, 2003
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A Beautiful woman that just can’t seem to understand how beautiful and sexy she really is.
Damn that girl is as fine as Samii.
by Breakdance man April 24, 2020
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Owner of the famous "Lure" discord server. Known to boss around all of her mods (which include mods, admins, and any owner that isn't her). A mod to Samii can be identified as a near-slave. Samii is very short, has pink hair, and waddles when she walks.
"Did you guys hear that Samii pruned the 200 members that it her 20 mods took 2 weeks to invite?"

"Yeah, that Samii girl is such a witch"
by Lurian June 4, 2021
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