A generic word that morons use to describe someone ' angry and triggered ' after they epically destroy them verbally.
Guy: I literally didn't say anything....
by Azeotropy August 28, 2019
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Tasting of, or proportionately rich in, sodium chloride.
Yo 'sup?! Prepared frozen foods are most disagreeable and undesirable in a mothafucka's diet, as they are rich in sodium - too mothafuckin' salty!
by Truth2Power September 4, 2004
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Used in the fire department world meaning old fashioned and experienced.
Did you See Vinny At the fire?

Yeah He's Salty...
by Duffowitz November 10, 2013
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Used to describe either a Marine or Sailor who has been enlisted far longer than his peers and is proficient at his or her MOS.

Also see salt dog
"That First Sergeant is one salty Marine"
by bivouac June 1, 2005
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Salty- Someone acting bitter or angry. To much salt can taste nasty.
Man dude, you is acting so salty right now, check yourself
by Lizzz Quizz September 22, 2010
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From Jennifer's Body staring Megan Fox
Meaning hot, beautiful, cool, awesome, amazing, worthy of wanting
oh well that guy was sooo salty I wish we went out

dude you have salty bracelets


the lead singer of the band is extra salty
by oshagnasty June 29, 2010
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Being overly emotionally mad
I called Joseph salty, he just became even more salty.
by Shwoogy July 27, 2014
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