A salty white person. Referring to the slang term cracker as a white person.
Bro stop being a saltine
by Pause Applause April 23, 2017
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A triggered white boy. A non-triggered white boy is called a cracker, but saltines are a little extra SALTY.
"Bruh I ate one of that kid's animal cookies and he started hissing at me and slapping me"
"Yeah he's a saltine"
by YoungRatChild March 18, 2017
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I spilled my beer on this guy at the bar, next thing I know I'm getting jumped by a bunch of saltines.
by dIksOuTfurHaramamamamabe March 12, 2015
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Short for saltine crackwhore. A play on the words saltine crackER. A decreet way to describe a girl as a crackwhore to a friend while near her without her knowing what you mean. Also can be used in plurel to describe a group of crackwhores. Saltines.
You and a friend are in line at the movies and a girl you think looks like a crackwhore is in line in front of you. You simply look to your friend and ask "Saltine?". If he agrees he simply replies in a agreeing tone "Saltine!".
She has no idea what was even said about her. She might offer you a cracker though if she has some thinking you are hungry.
by BTLinKY July 19, 2006
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An attractive older white male with salt and pepper hair. Preferably one who dates or mainly associates with others outside of his race, making him the "cracker" of the group.
by Jaysizzle87 September 16, 2008
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When a male takes his erect penis and smashes a Saltine cracker with it.
Yo bro, lets go saltining.
by The Big Boom September 6, 2011
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A saltine is a person who is a cracker/cracka and is also a square. The term is derived from the famous saltine brand of crackers, which are square shaped.
That dude is a muddafuggin saltine -- a cracka and a square!
by hustlerballer April 13, 2006
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