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A man who is paid for his escorting services, usually with rich, older ladies. He is the complete opposite of a sugar daddy.
Edna is paying Steve $100 an hour to date her. He's a salt daddy.
by Chad Apollo December 22, 2020
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An older man who has a relationship with a younger female but doen't have anything to offer her.

The opposite of a sugar daddy!
Q:"Why can't cant your older man help pay your bills"? A:"Because he is my salt daddy"
by ctdouble June 26, 2011
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The complete opposite of a sugardaddy, one who tries, but is broke and fronting.
Man, I said I wanted a new comforter set from Macy's not the goodwill....he is such a saltdaddy!
by K=Unit January 18, 2007
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Based on the term "salt of the earth", a salt daddy is an older man dating a woman much younger (age gap ~10 years or greater), who has an annual gross income of less than $150k/year.
She is so much younger than him. Lauren is definitely not dating Brian for his money; must be her salt daddy.
by Concipio Veritas February 21, 2017
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