A man who is paid for his escorting services, usually with rich, older ladies. He is the complete opposite of a sugar daddy.
Edna is paying Steve $100 an hour to date her. He's a salt daddy.
by Chad Apollo December 23, 2020
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Based on the term "salt of the earth", a salt daddy is an older man dating a woman much younger (age gap ~10 years or greater), who has an annual gross income of less than $150k/year.
She is so much younger than him. Lauren is definitely not dating Brian for his money; must be her salt daddy.
by Concipio Veritas February 22, 2017
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A sugar daddy who lost all his money to gambling, resulting in the sugar baby having to work in the food service industry to help pay the bills and becoming salty about life
Ex 1: “Jess has a salt daddy, that’s why she works at McDonald’s now”

Ex 2: “Wow, I thought he would be a sugar daddy, but he’s a salt daddy. My parents will be so disappointed.”

Ex 3: “Oh, he’s one of them salt daddies, I can tell by the desperation in his sugar baby’s eyes.”
by RanchSmoothies July 22, 2022
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An older man who has a relationship with a younger female but doen't have anything to offer her.

The opposite of a sugar daddy!
Q:"Why can't cant your older man help pay your bills"? A:"Because he is my salt daddy"
by ctdouble June 27, 2011
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A handsome 40+ year old man, usually with a darker hair and beard with some white/grey hairs mixed in (salt and pepper).
I want to hate Negan from The Walking Dead so bad but he's such a salt&pepper daddy I just want to sit on his face
by dollylewis March 20, 2018
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An elderly man - usually lacking style and charisma - who either receives sexual favours, the promise of sexual favours or adulation from a younger person (usually female) in return for very little; boiled sweets, cigarettes, a lift to the shops etc.

See also ‘Salt & Pepper-Mama’.
Person 1: "Hey check it, I totally hooked up with this wicked sugar-daddy and he gave me this diamond necklace and a bag full of coke".
Person 2: "Damn I put out twice last week and all I got was two cigarettes, half a bottle of portello and a freddo frog. I think I got me a salt & pepper-daddy".
by Markel Markelson January 28, 2009
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