white ring is the best witch house/ghost punk whatever genre of music you'd like to label it/etc group the exist on this earthly terrain. the lead singer Kendra's voice is eerie yet angelic and draws you in. listening to this music can put affects on you that include: feeling apart of a secular world, possibly being high but not knowing whether you are just because this music puts you in such a trance
lbr white ring is perfect
by yourmomlmao December 29, 2011
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A white ring worn any finger of either hand symbolises that the wearer is a part of the lgbtqia+ community
The white rings on their finger shows that they are lgbtq
by The asexual June 01, 2021
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A symbolism for people of the aromantic community, an aromantic means someone who experience little or no romantic attraction.
She wears a white ring on left middle finger! She must be aro.
by Gikochinai razuberi December 08, 2019
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