This person is an actual dumbass. they will also always have a fish who sometimes like to attack but we will always love them. This person is mostly Female but comes in all genders. look out for these types of people because they will ruin your life forever. you can also call these people ''sal'', salfish'' or tons of other things.
Salmon is very annoying
by Stowos December 25, 2020
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When someone (preferably in a Love Island villa) runs up to a pool and jumps in while wriggling their body a bit with their arms stuck to their sides to look like a salmon. They also tend to make a noise that isn’t really relevant to a salmon it’s just real funny. In other words - Chris’ signature move.
“Boys let’s salmon”-Chris
-boys jump in pool looking like autists-
by Heythereurbandictionaryusers August 02, 2019
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Salmon is a term that means one thousand swedish crowns (about 96 euro). In swedish it is called Lax
-Roland, come here i wanna talk to you
-Please let me be, it was just a window
-Stop making excuses, Five Salmons or you will have planted your last potato

-Roland kom hit, Jag vill snacka
-Kan du inte bara låta mig va, det var bara ett fönster
-Sluta med dina ursäkter, fem lax imorrn, annars har du satt din sista potatis
by Sparvvridarn September 17, 2020
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Anakin Skywalker gives that rapey face in episode II, but Luke Skywalker is bare salmon”
by Draconian1346 January 22, 2021
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1. A fish that swims around in the sea and can be eaten I guess

2. (name) A cool dude that makes funny jokes even if he thinks everyone disagrees with him and wants to ignore him. He's kind when he needs to be but can struggle a lot with social situations including subjects he doesn't understand very well .
1. "I caught a fish the other day, It was a salmon"

2. "Salmon makes funny jokes sometimes"
via giphy
by Maxi the cool kid March 21, 2021
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