Epistemology: Tossing is a euphemism for wanking, as you may call someone a "Tosser/Wanker" UK.
If you are tossing your salad, it means you are wanking furiously to season a salad with creamy mayo. The phrase is used in polite society as a euphemism to masturbation, and to denote that you are slightly peckish.
1: Why didn't you come to the golf course on Sunday?
2: My wife was out of town so I had to do my own salad tossing
1: Oh, are you feeling peckish? I sure could do with some crumpets right now.
by David K David June 01, 2016
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To Toss Someone’s Salad Is To Perform Oral Sex Someone's Anus. Theses Oral Sex Acts Can Include Such Things As Licking, Kissing, Tonguing, And Much More.
I Had To Make A Urban Dictionary Account To Prove To My Normie Sister, Mary That Salad Tossing Was Technically In A Dictionary.


Yuki Tossed Aoi’s Salad
via giphy
by TossTam July 17, 2021
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