A term used by Malaysians. It means stupid/silly.
Me: Stop being so sakai and help me with this.
Friend: Dont tell me that this dog shit isn't cool man.
by Aniquus July 7, 2018
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A term used by Malaysians.

Thought to meant stupid/silly/overly-excited. It is actually a indigenous tribe in Malaysia, derogatorily used back in the old days as an insult.
You: Stop being so sakai, it has been around for years.

Friend (a woke king): Don't use that word. It is a derogatory term.
by A.Diddy February 12, 2020
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Sakai is the best guy you will ever meet. He's smart, athletic, this guy HOT af, straight up the Goat. If u get a Sakai don't ever loose him. He's always got friends around him, everyone likes him cause he super chill and he always got your back. He keepin it real everyday, don't underestimate him. He's very genuine and tends to be very loyal. He doesn't meet people, they meet him.
Keira: "You met Sakai yet?"
Summer: "Nah, but I plan to ;) "
by I'mheretokeepit100 August 4, 2018
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1.A city in Osaka.
2.Means stupid in Malay. I can't believe us Thais use it to describe the Mani/Maniq people, the original tribe who reside in Southern Region of Thailand long before the Thais arrived.
Ngoh Pa Sakai is the word the Thais call the Mani/Maniq tribe.
by Shiine-1 June 9, 2022
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The act of getting drunk and kicking the crap out of everyone in the bar... including chuck Noris
Oh man my friend just pulled a major Sakai
by JoShNeSsSsS December 16, 2010
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