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sajid is an independent and sometimes responsible guy. He is kind, funny, good looking, and loyal. He is the type of person to always have your back no matter what happens. He loves making people laugh and smile. He has a great passion for girls and respects them. He does not get upset all the time and gives people second chances. He has a smile like no one else can have.
Sajid you have a great smile
by Anonymous. W ho April 04, 2018
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Arabic Name · Male
Meaning: Prostrator. Adotar. One who worships God.
When you bow down to God, it's considered a "Sajid".
by Sajid H May 29, 2008
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The position of Sijdah, bowing down on the floor to worship Allah. Mostly is a persons name in everyday life. Oh yeah!
by Sajid Zaman March 09, 2009
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Sajid is a man who likes to be respected, he cares about first impressions, and will go out of his way to show people the good in him. Sometimes he’ll go too far out of the way. Sajid likes to have a good time with friends as long as he knows he has control over an environment. Sajid usually in social environments likes to be socially ranked at the top. He has a passion for women that most guys can’t pretend to have. Sajid is very attractive, witty, sarcastic, hopeful, encouraging, and loving. Usually is in peak physical condition. Loves the outdoors, loves exploring new places, things, music. Overall a great person but he has his own inner flaws.
“Hey! That’s Sajid, we should see what he’s doing tonight he’s so interesting”
“When I didn’t know I was in the right relationship Sajid helped me see the truth”

Who knows where he is, Sajid is always doing something adventurous
by AnonymouslyPredicted January 02, 2019
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a very smart, strong, sexy, powerful, talented, amazing person who brings joy and laughter to everyone and doesn't like people getting in his way.
Person 1: "Superman is so great, words can't explain him..."
Person 2: "I know right, but there is a word, he's a Sajid..."
by Donnie Kasevayev November 21, 2016
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- A brown fellow, does lot's of makeup tutorials to look like him.
- Doesn't give in his homework grade sheet.
Hi! My name's Sajid and today I'm going to show you how to look brown!
You fag! *does middle finger*
by Sajid Lover October 24, 2018
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