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Is amazing, most beautiful person you will ever meet, has a big heart, and people always think she's an attention seeker. She's beautiful outside and her personality is one of a kind. Really unique. Always puts others before herself, cares about others problems even if she has more serious ones. Most girls want to be her, and they end up feeling jealous. People usually misjudge her, and she goes through more than you ever will in your lifetime. Knows how to treat a guy well, and is adorable with most guys, the longest relationships she'll never remember and will always dream about their memories, even if they've broken up. She hides her tears with smiles, and she hides her feelings with 'i'm fine'.

Don't ever judge anyone called Sahra. they go through alot, and i know because my best friend, has been through so much, but she never puts herself first, she always asks me about my problem, she's beautiful inside and out. I'm not just saying this because she's my best friend, but also because i know this. She is just an amazing person it will blow your mind.
"Look at Sahra, she's beautiful. Have you ever spoken to her before? She has the most amazing personality."
by ML19 June 17, 2016
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A beautiful and sweet girl who you would be so lucky to know. She's unique and a one of a kind girl which is hard to find. Sahra is one of the funniest/nicest people you could ever meet snd she's so down to earth. Everyone wants a girl like Sahra in their lives.
That girl is definitely a Sahra. Just look at her.
by ML19 June 18, 2016
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a hot sexy cute pretty nice funny sassy feirce smart loves sports and is popular
nobody can be sahra
by my handle is i love me ! May 16, 2016
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Sahra is of Hebrew origin and it is predominantly used in the German language. It is a variant form of Sarah. Sahra may also be a variant form of Sahara, which means desert in Arabic.
SAE-Rah is how most people pronounce the name Sahra. Many french speakers also pronounce Sara and Sarah as SAE-Rah. Some people pronounce Sahra the same way one would pronounce Sarah or Sara, but simply choose to spell it this way.
Thumbs up if you like this awesome name, or if you know an awesome person named Sahra. :-)
by tinkercat November 17, 2010
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hot sexy cute pretty loves sports is popular and beautiful smart sassy and fierce and strong as hell in every way and humble
by safia June 13, 2016
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A chill, smart, calm, yet crazy person, that is secretly hiding all of her insecurities. She goes to sleep at night with thoughts everywhere, varying from guys, to her day.
Wow, that girl, Sahra, is so cool, but I wonder what she's thinking.
by an_awesome_person June 10, 2016
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