a hot cheeto girl is that one bitch everyone has in their class. kinda ghetto. prolly wears thrasher sweatshirts and vans. always ready to fight a bitch. nicotine addiction? check. 20 year old drug dealer boyfriend? check. hoop earrings? check. scary? check
this fucking hot cheeto girl tried to fight me in the bathroom
by skinnyraini August 22, 2019
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She will always have Cheetos on her. She wears vans thrasher hoodie. Says, Periot. Acts ghetto. black or brown hair. Smacks while eating. ALWAYS has hoop earrings !
The hot cheeto girl smacked her lips, "Periot" and then pulled on her hoop.
by Oceaniic November 10, 2019
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ur average "crazy latina". usually the most ghetto girl in everyone's class or thinks their really ghetto. shes loud, annoying, usually wears hoops and thrasher shirts, vans and always wants to fight. they love to smoke cause they think its cool. they try to become friends with popular girls but the popular kids end up talking bad about them anyway. btw her laugh can make your ear bleed, her breath is usually bad and shes not hygienic. and dont forget, her hands are ALWAYS covered in cheeto dust.

things hot cheeto girls usually say:
"ayo best friend"
"wanna go bitch"
"you think your the shit?"

in all respect, no one likes you guys.
me to the hot cheeto girl: bruh no one likes you and ur cheeto dust, stop asking for gum btw.
by ur gay and stupid, go eat dick October 29, 2019
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A hot cheeto girl is a racist way of classifying "ghetto" black and latina girls. While a hot cheeto girl can be white, that type of behavior coming from a privileged white girl is not nearly as criminalized/made fun of for them as it is for the girls this stereotype is based upon. In other words, fuck you if you say that kind of shit, even if it's just a "joke" or you mean it in a "nice way."
no one in the history of black/latino culture: i love being called a hot cheeto girl!
by ohthatweirdo February 16, 2020
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typically a Black or Hispanic girl, who sits in the back of the class always seen eating hot cheetos or takis. She always has long acrylic nails and big hoops in her ears. She doesn't care about school.
by um wtf is a pseudonym January 26, 2020
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a girl, usually latina or black. she can usually be found wearing hoop earrings, long acylics, and a bag of takis or hot cheetos. she's also known to eat them outloud in class, and to say " periodt "
hot cheeto girl: " periodt boo! "
person b: " can i have one? "
hot cheeto girl: "nah b u looking crusty af. "
by moonistars January 13, 2020
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A hot Cheeto girl is the girl at school who always has either hot fries, hot Cheetos, or some typa hot chips. They're also always ghetto 25/8 so if that's not your typa girl, stay away from them. Whenever they run out of their chips they'll always, 100% walk up to someone else and be like "BESS FREN!!! LEMME GET THEM HOT CHEETOS BIHH!!!"
Hot Cheeto Girls: HAY BESS FRENNNN!!! *Chomp chomp*

Her bestfriend: HAYY BESS FRANNNNN
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