First name of Sagat Petchyindee, legendary Muay Thai fighter with a fighting history equalled by no other man. Sagat had a grand total of 317 matches throughout his career and losing very few of them. He also happened to influence a certain videogame....
by Chupasart October 18, 2003
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Muay Thai master from Capcom fighting game series Street Fighter. Identifyable by his trademark scar, eyepatch, and bald head.
-Kill Dan Hibiki's father. go Hibiki.
-Lost to Ryu at the end of the first Street Fighter tournement.
-Joined Shadowloo on a quest for revenge.
-Encountered Dan. And saw how Dan's thrust for revenge robbed Dan of his true potential as a warrior. Fakes his defeat at Dan's hand.

Sagat is also known to be the trainer of Adon.
"Sagat's most powerful moves ar the Tiger-Uppercut and the Tiger Shot"
by NeroMan June 16, 2003
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He is a character from Street Fighter series. Sagat is a towering monster of a man, and is fueled by hatred and revenge. His focus is the young martial artist, Ryu, who not only defeated him in the first Street Fighter Tournament, but almost killed him with the "Sho-Ryu-Ken" rising punch ...leaving Sagat's chest with a huge gaping scar. He will not rest until Ryu is dead by his hand. Sagat is a deadly master of Muay Thai kickboxing, and has one pupil, named Adon. He was the final boss of the first Street Fighter.
by Samurai Katsu September 24, 2003
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A very strong, even cheap, character from several Street Fighter games and Capcom vs SNK2. Sagat's seriously high priority pokes and massive damage is balanced only by his massiveness (which only seems to really hurt him in SFA). Most Sagat players rely on cheap tactics, such as spamming his HP (even though Balrog's HP can beat it in CVS2) or his Tiger Shots. This doesn't become a problem with better players since any resonably good player can defeat a cheap player.
"Haha.. You picked Sagat.. He sucks.. His attacks always go over my head."
"First time playing CVS2?"
by Jimmy March 5, 2005
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To {overexpose} or run into the ground any trend or personality. As in the case of the over re-marketing of former french star Francios Sagat
Talk about beating a dead horse the just pulled a sagat on that guy.
by Gino Continni July 21, 2006
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when you get old or fatt and your ass becomes saggy and gross
My ass is so saggy i think i have sagatitis!
Damn!! That girl got a nasty ass case of sagatitis.
by Sharlene May 29, 2007
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term for expressing anger or displeasure, originated by the torettes guy
(attacked by bees) yell BOB SAGAT!!!
by Brucifer July 30, 2006
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